S/G - Yeast Dryers

For drying of yeast, we offer single cyclinder sump driers as illustrated in the flow scheme to the right.

The cylinder of the drier only collects a small part of the yeast contained in the drier trough. The yeast coat, formed on the rotating cylinder, is scraped off by a hydraulically operated blade and drops into a crushing screw, placed beneath. Then the dry yeast is pneumatically conveyed to the dry yeast silo.

Technical Data

  • heated by steam
  • 50 to 1200 kg/h wet yeast drying performance (from 85 % down to 10 % relative humidity)
  • variable rotational speed control of the cylinder
  • hydraulically operated scraper bar and dipping trough
  • constant product quality due to precise rotation of cylinder
  • fine grinded cylinder made of steel (type S) or cast iron (type G)
  • robust slip on gear mechanism (type S) or hydraulic drive system (type G)
  • mounted on a sturdy supporting frame
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