Screw Presses

Our screw presses are robust welding constructions which have been developed especially
for product dewatering.

Technical Data
  • conical or cylindrical type
  • stainless steel pressing sieves
  • robust slip on gear mechanism with variable rotational speed control
  • adjustment of pressure force by means of pressing disks
  • integrated inspection windows and cleaning flaps
  • mounted on a sturdy supporting frame

  • wide choice of weldable construction materials, e.g. 1.4301 or 1.4571
  • hydraulic control of pressing force
  • reinforced screw for extra high durability


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Conical Screw

Suitable for
  • maize germs,
  • spent hops,
  • coffee grounds,
  • rumen contents,
  • plastic granulates,
  • saw dust,
  • paper and other materials.

Cylindrical Screw

Suitable for
  • maize hulls,
  • carrot shreds,
  • meat extracts,
  • apple pomace,
  • manioc pulp,
  • malt spent grains and other materials.

Test Screw Press

By means of our modular test press, we are able to identify an adequate screw design for your type of wet product.

As a special service, Ponndorf also offers rental of this press, so you can carry out your own pressing tests at your site.

In order to check whether mechanical dewatering is generally applicable to your product, please send us a 1 kg sample of your product.
We would be pleased to submit you a non-binding customised quotation. For this purpose, please fill in the following inquiry form.

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