Company Profile

The engineer Wilhelm Ponndorf registers his mechanical workshop in the Commercial Register.

Construction of a small factory. Production of spent grains driers and other equipment for the brewery industry. First export activities.

1914 - 1918
Compulsory production for the armaments industry.

Ponndorf gains worldwide reputation. Patent applications follow.

1924 - 1926
The company outgrows its location files. A new site is purchased and construction of a modern factory begins.

"Black Friday" - Nation-wide collapse of financial markets. Notice is given on mortgages and loans; financing agreements are cancelled; inflation soares. Day to day business is severely affected; many staff members have to be dismissed.

A distinct upward trend boosts moral. Business begins to flourish again. Ponndorf enjoys support by government because its export activities bring foreign exchange. This short furtune lasts until 1939.

1939 - 1945
The company is again compelled to change its production in favour of the armaments industry. Contracts and parts manufacturing begins.

Gradual return to normal conditions. Initially, special machines are produced in trade for food and textiles - imaginative solutions are called for. Establishment of the first Ponndorf iron foundry. Wilhelm Ponndorf jun., son of the company's founder, joins the firm.

Monetary reform. A new era begins.

From the 50's
Growth and expansion. Worldwide exports are taken up again.

1965 - 1968
The factory complex is rebuilt. Development and construction of tubular bundle driers for free-flowing substances like wood shavings, feed, waste and so on.

Wolf Ponndorf, son of Wilhelm Ponndorf jun. takes over management of the company.

Take-over and change of the company's name to "Ponndorf Anlagenbau GmbH" by the partners Ulf Ponndorf and Axel Ponndorf, sons of  Wolf Ponndorf.
Axel Ponndorf becomes chief executive officer.

Now and in future
Ongoing positive development. Ponndorf becomes firmly established worldwide as a sign of quality.


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